Meriden Animal Hospital Services Page

When you choose Meriden Animal Hospital, you can be sure that your pet is receiving the quality care they need to stay healthy and active for a lifetime. As a full-service animal hospital, we provide a wide variety of veterinary services, from routine health maintenance to surgery and urgent care. We are able to treat small pets (such as cats and dogs), horses, and farm animals at our Meriden clinic.

Meriden Animal Hospital Services Page

Comprehensive Exams and Preventative Care

Pets should get a checkup every year or so to avoid preventable illnesses and maintain lifelong well-being. At our clinic, we conduct routine physical exams, administer vaccinations, and provide advice on dietary or lifestyle adjustments that could benefit your pets.

Pet Illness and Urgent Care

If your pet has a medical emergency, we can help. Six days a week, our clinic has a veterinarian and veterinary technicians on duty to respond to emergency situations as quickly as possible. If your pet is sick or injured, or if you think your pet may have ingested something poisonous, don't wait to come in -- we accept emergency cases whenever our clinic is open.

Equine Dental Care

Did you know that your horse needs a dental checkup every year, just like you do? Our clinic provides yearly equine dental exams so your horse's teeth will stay in good condition for a lifetime.

Equine Vaccinations

Horses need different vaccinations than other animals do, and our clinic can provide them. We administer standard equine vaccinations as part of a routine checkup. We can also vaccinate your horse against infectious diseases like tetanus and equine encephalomyelitis. 

Equine Lameness

If your horse is showing signs of lameness, or if he's been injured in an accident recently, we can help him recover. Our animal hospital treats all kinds of equine injuries, including broken and fractured bones, head injuries, and wounds. 

Small Animal Chiropractic

Regular chiropractic care can help your cats, dogs, and other small animals stay pain-free and maintain a healthy range of motion into old age. For pets with chronic health problems, chiropractic care can reduce their need for medications and surgery. 

Small Animal Acupuncture

Veterinary acupuncture is a painless technique that can help to reduce inflammation, stiffness, and other health issues in your pets. We're proud to offer acupuncture for small animals as part of our lineup of veterinary services.

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Our experienced Meriden veterinary team would be happy to see your pets, farm animals, or horses. Call Meriden Animal Hospital today at 785-484-3358 to make your appointment. You can also use the new patient center on our website to set up an appointment online. 


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