Pet Dermatology

Improve Your Pet's Skin Health with Meriden Animal Hospital

You are not alone if you don't instantly think of your pet's skin health. After all, most of it is likely covered with fur. However, just like your own skin can dry out, flake, or develop some kinds of infections and rashes. Your pet can have the same problems with their skin. If you've noticed issues with your pet's skin you may be able to make some slight adjustments to their diet to help. But what happens if their skin conditions continue to worsen? You'll want to schedule a veterinary visit with Meriden Animal Hospital to pinpoint the problem. 



It's possible your pet has an allergy, and they are beginning to show it through flaky skin, red ears, blotchy patches around their fur, and other skin issues. Pets can be allergic to a number of common ingredients in their food. Fillers, such as corn, soy, rice, and other ingredients that food manufacturers use to bulk up food inexpensively. You can experiment with grain free foods, foods that don't have rice, or foods that focus on specific proteins. You may also want to visit your vet to determine earlier on what they are allergic to. 

Some pets are allergic to seasonal pollen, or even dust. If a human can be allergic to it so can your pet. To improve your overall pet care and the health of your pet you'll want to bring them in to have an allergy test performed. 

Mites or Other Parasites

It is possible your pet has mites or some other kind of parasite that is chewing away at their skin. Sometimes these parasites can live under the surface of the skin so you are unable to see them. While you don't need to head in to emergency urgent care for this, you need to bring your pet in. This way the problem can be identified and the right antibiotics can be prescribed. 

Pet Dermatology Relief Is Just A Phone Call Away

Dealing with a pet dermatology problem can be frustrating. From changing foods to experimenting with changing their overall lifestyle, there can be some extensive trial and errors. For your pet though it's just as frustrating, as they live through itchiness and being constantly uncomfortable. To avoid this kind of problem you need to pinpoint exactly what is going on with your pet as quickly as possible. You can do this with a visit to Meriden Animal Hospital. Here veterinarians will inspect your pet in order to identify the culprit. So, stop guessing at what the problem is and get clear, precise answers, with a visit to Meriden Animal Hospital. Pet dermatology relief is just a phone call away.


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