Pet Surgery

Just like people, pets may require surgery in order to stay healthy. The procedure itself can be scary for you as a pet owner and for your pets. Rest assured, our veterinary team at Meriden Animal Hospital in Meriden, Kansas have your pets’ best interest always in mind. Here is a little bit more information about how pet surgeries can help improve your pets’ quality of life.

Pet Surgery

Routine Pet Surgery

Most pet surgeries are common, and may be needed to improve your pets’ overall health. Spaying and neutering surgeries help to control the pet population, prevent certain cancers from occurring, and reduce unwanted behavior. Dental surgery allow our veterinarian to extract a tooth, remove abscess, and clean the gum lines and teeth. If a pet has a mass growing, our vet may need to remove it through surgery in order to improve his or her quality of life.

Emergency Pet Surgery

Unfortunately, there will be times where pets may require emergency surgery. This can be due to injuries or health concerns. If your pets have a fracture, pins or screws need to be inserted to help stabilize the body. A pet will need emergency surgery if a non-edible object becomes lodged in the intestines. This blockage can be very dangerous and deadly if left untreated. Stones can form in the bladder, and can cause many health complications. A vet will need to perform a cystectomy to surgically remove them.

What to Expect

Before any surgery, your veterinarian will order a few baseline diagnostic tests. Depending on the surgery, this could include blood work, X-Rays, or MRI testing. Your pets will be under anesthesia during surgery so that they don’t feel pain. One of our veterinary team members will closely watch your pets.

Following surgery, your pets will be sent home with aftercare instructions. This will include the dose amount for the medication and how times a day to take it, exercise restriction, and how to keep the incision dry and clean. Our vet may want to see your pets for a follow-up visit.

The veterinary team at Meriden Animal Hospital is caring, professional, and knowledgeable about various types of pet surgeries. We understand that no two pets are alike, and treat each animal as an individual with specialized care. To learn more about the different types of pet surgeries offered at our animal hospital, or to schedule an appointment, call us today at (785) 484-3358.


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