Flea and Tick Prevention

Your Guide to Flea & Tick Prevention

Meriden Animal Hospital welcomes all pets for their annual flea and tick prevention. Our pet care includes wellness plans for each and every one of your animals, and we strive to provide the best treatment to ensure both dogs and cats aren't feeling the itch and the bite. Veterinary care is suggested when the infestation becomes too problematic.

Because fleas and ticks are external parasites that can cause serious discomfort and illness in your pet. Our treatments are guaranteed to ward off their bites that contribute to potential health complications. We administer safe and effective products that control fleas and ticks on either your dog or cat. One caution to remember: flea & tick prevention for dogs should not be used on cats and vice versa. Flea prevention for dogs can be highly toxic to cats. 


What you can do to prevent fleas and ticks

Repetitive scratching is a telltale sign your dog or cat has fleas. If you were to examine the skin by separating the fur of your animal, you might see tiny black insects zipping in and out of their fur. Ticks are larger and once they've sucked the blood of your pet, their bodies become engorged and are easy to pick off and flush down the toilet. Both parasites are bloodsuckers and can cause numerous diseases and complications if left untreated.  

Urgent care isn't always needed; however, our veterinarians do offer emergency services in the event your animal exhibits extreme signs of illness due to tick bites and flea infestations. Simply run a comb through your pet's fur to remove fleas and flea dirt. Make a habit of performing a flea bath once you detect an infestation, even year-round is best. This includes washing all bedding and combing your pet often. Flea shampoos, flea collars, flea medication are all quality deterrents for optimal pet care.

Ticks aren't necessarily insects, but they do form habitats that are near grassy and wooded areas. Perform a "tick check" after a hike in these areas by separating the fur of your animal. If you do see a tick (or several) remove them with tweezers and if they've already imbedded themselves in your dog, ensure you remove the head as well. Never remove a tick with your bare fingers. If in doubt, ask our veterinary care team in Meriden to assist with tick removal.

Many of the flea formulas used to alleviate infestation can also be used for tick prevention. Read the labels and consult with our veterinarians.

Meriden Animal Hospital has the answers!

Contact us for further guidelines and recommendations if your animal has fleas or ticks. You can call us at 785-484-3358 to schedule an appointment today!


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