Chiropractic for Animals At Meriden Animal Hospital

Chiropractic care is gaining popularity in the world of human medicine, but many people don't realize that animals can benefit from this type of care as well. Animals are just as likely to develop misalignments as people are, and if these problems aren't addressed, they can lead to long-term health issues and diminish your pets' quality of life. That's why we provide chiropractic care in addition to standard veterinary care at Meriden Animal Hospital. When you seek out chiropractic for animals in Meriden, you're helping your pets maintain robust good health into old age, and who doesn't want that for their furry family members?

The Benefits of Chiropractic for Animals

Chiropractic care for animals is useful both as a preventative measure and as a way of healing problems in the body. If your pet is currently healthy and active, chiropractic can help them retain that energy and well-being for years to come. Misalignments that are discovered and corrected early are less likely to develop into major health problems down the line.

Chiropractic is also a good option for pets that are experiencing health issues. If your pet has recently developed a limp, moves stiffly, or doesn't seem to have the same energy levels as they used to, visiting an animal chiropractor could help them get their range of motion back. Because misalignments can lead to nervous system dysfunction that causes secondary health problems, chiropractic care can also help animals that are experiencing seemingly unrelated problems like bladder dysfunction and chewing problems.

Methods of Chiropractic Care for Animals

Animal chiropractic works in much the same way as human chiropractic. The chiropractor conducts a physical exam and then applies gentle but precise pressure to correct the patient's spinal alignment. This keeps the nervous system healthy so your pet's body can heal itself correctly. Chiropractic can be performed on small animals like cats as well as large animals like horses.

What To Expect at the Veterinarian's Office

Your pet's veterinarian in Meriden will need to gather information about your furry friend before performing chiropractic on them. Be ready to provide information about your pet's current state of health as well as any surgeries they've had or medications they're taking. For preventative care or minor misalignments, a single chiropractic session may be all your pet needs. For serious or chronic issues, your pet may need multiple sessions.

Make an appointment with a veterinarian in Meriden today

If you're looking for chiropractic for animals in Meriden, you're in the right place. Meriden Animal Hospital integrates chiropractic care with traditional care to improve your pet's all-around wellness. Call us or request an appointment online today to help your pets live their healthiest lives. 


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