Senior Pet Wellness FAQs

Senior pets are more likely to be plagued by certain health conditions. His diet may need to be altered to protect his health and prevent further problems. At Meriden Animal Hospital, serving Meriden, KS, and the nearby area, we understand your senior pet is special to you and want to help you optimize his health in every way possible. We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding senior pet wellness and encourage you to bring your pet in for routine wellness exams.


What Age Does a Pet Become a Senior?

As you may know, pets age at a faster rate than humans. Although seven doesn't seem old, small dogs and cats are generally considered seniors at this point. Larger breeds of dogs tend to become seniors at around six years old.

What Conditions Can Affect Senior Pets?

Geriatric pets are more prone to heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, and urinary tract diseases. They're also more likely to get joint and bone diseases, such as arthritis. Other common conditions in senior pets include the following:

  • Cancer
  • Senility
  • Diabetes
  • Weakness

How Do I Know If My Pet Is Becoming Senile?

As your pet ages, you want to take note of any changes in his behavior. You might notice your pet seems confused or disoriented frequently. Your pet's sleep cycle may change. You may notice your pet wandering around aimlessly. As a pet becomes senile, he might not want to interact with you and your family as much. Sometimes, he will become aggressive. The number of accidents your pet has in your home may increase as well. Senile pets don't always groom themselves as much as they used to.

Does My Senior Pet Need a Special Diet?

You should adjust your senior pet's diet as he ages. You can purchase special food in the store that's designated for senior pets. It contains fewer carbohydrates since your pet doesn't burn energy as quickly once he ages. Also, this special food has the right nutrients that senior pets require to stay healthy. At your senior pet care appointment, our veterinarian can help you find the food that will optimize your pet's health. Additionally, as part of your senior pet care appointment, our vet will educate you about other changes you can make, so you can help your furry family member make the best of his senior years.

Senior Pet Care in Meriden, KS

Our veterinarian sees senior pets regularly. Our practitioner recognizes the conditions that most affect your senior pet. Our vet will help take care of your aging pet the best way possible. Contact Meriden Animal Hospital for an appointment for your senior pet by calling us at 785-484-3358.


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