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 There are many people out there who are allergic to animals in some way, shape, or form. The same people might be surprised to hear a pet can also have allergies. An allergic reaction develops when the immune system of the animal goes into overdrive in response to a specific allergen. Some of the most common causes of allergies include pollen, dandruff, fleas, grass, and certain types of food. Allergies in pets can similarly be triggered by certain animals or substances. Everyone in the Meriden area needs to take a look at some of the helpful information from Meriden Animal hospital on pet allergies. 


Signs of Pet Allergies

If a pet has allergies, some certain signs and symptoms may start to appearing. Most pets will start to itch continuously. Pets may spend their time biting, licking, or scratching at certain areas of the body. Also, some of the other signs include redness, swelling, and watering of the eyes. It might become so unbearable to the point that the pet starts to draw blood. In general, an overactive immune system is going to irritate the pet’s body. Therefore, anyone who notices the signs or symptoms in their pet should schedule an appointment with experienced veterinarians to learn more. Certain treatments can be done to intervene.

Examples of Possible Allergies in Pets 

Like people, certain types of allergies are going to be more common and animals. One of the most common types of allergies in pets is called flea bite dermatitis and this is a hypersensitivity to the present proteins in fleas. Specifically, it is the saliva that triggers the reaction. This reaction occurs when a flea bites the skin of a cat or dog.

Another common type of allergy is an allergy to certain types of food. These foods can cause problems either on the skin of the pad or in their digestive system. Some of the common culprits include beef, dairy, chicken, and soy. A pet that is allergic to these substances should avoid them.

Trust the Veterinary Team at Meriden Animal Hospital

Of course, these are not the only types of allergies that may appear. Anyone with pets living in the Meriden area, learn more about pet allergies, contact the experienced and caring team of Meriden Animal Hospital today to schedule an appointment. We are here to help you and your pet with any pet care needs. So, please call us today to learn more about our urgent care and emergency services.


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