Pet Diabetes

The Diagnosis and Treatment of Pet Diabetes from Meriden Animal Hospital

There are a number of common and serious health conditions that can impact both people and animals. One example is diabetes. This condition can impact pets of almost any type. Some of the most common symptoms of pet diabetes include changes in the eating patterns of a pet, changes in energy levels, and changes in weight. When a pet has been diagnosed with diabetes, it is important for pet owners to know where to go. The team from the Meriden Animal Hospital are here to make sure that everyone in the local area has access to emergency urgent care and pet care services from trained veterinarians.


The Treatment of Pet Diabetes

If a pet has been diagnosed with diabetes, it is because their pancreas is not creating enough insulin to accurately respond to the body's changes in glucose, or their body isn’t efficiently using the insulin, just like how diabetes manifests in humans. Therefore, one of the most common treatments of pet diabetes is going to be more insulin. Insulin is going to be administered by the pet owner at home around meal times. This will help the body prep for the influx of the carbohydrates that are about to arrive. Obviously, pet owners might have some concerns related to giving injections at home. The vet is going to make sure that the owner is comfortable with these injections prior to discharging the pet.

The Complications of Pet Diabetes

If a pet has developed diabetes, there are a number of complications that pet owners are going to need to be wary of. Some of the complications can impact the pet’s kidneys. The kidneys are responsible for making urine and filtering out toxins. High levels of glucose can lead to serious harm to the already overworked organs. Other complications might impact the nerves and the eyes of the pet. If diabetes is not managed in a proper manner, this can lead to serious impacts on a pet’s ability to see clearly or move around effectively. Pet owners are going to be trained on how to watch for these serious complications and can prevent them from happening with proper management of pet diabetes.

Trust the Team from Meriden Animal Hospital

Anyone who needs emergency veterinary services, particularly if a pet has been diagnosed with diabetes, should rely on the team from Meriden Animal Hospital. We are here to make sure that every pet has access to the care it requires to manage chronic medical conditions such as diabetes. Please call us today to schedule an appointment. We work hard to place the needs of our patients first. We would be honored to do the same for you. Contact us to learn more about our services!


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