Senior Pet Wellness

Senior Pet Wellness Services at Meriden Animal Hospital

As senior animals develop elevated risks for specific medical conditions, owners must have a trusted veterinary resource for ensuring those animals' ongoing comfort and wellness. Here at Meriden Animal Hospital, we offer a full range of senior pet care services for animals just like yours.


How Aging Affects Your Pet's Health

Dogs and cats arrive at their geriatric years much earlier than humans. In most cases, this transition occurs at around seven years of age, although specific breeds of dogs may hit their senior years somewhat earlier or later. Years of wear and tear on the body can lead to health issues such as osteoarthritis, cataracts, and hearing loss. Hypertension, diabetes, kidney failure, cognitive problems, incontinence, cancer, and periodontal disease all grow more common with age.

As a senior pet's metabolism slows and mobility declines, obesity presents yet another threat. A sedentary animal who continues to eat a diet more appropriate for an active lifestyle may pack on extra pounds, which in turn increases the risk for many other chronic diseases.

Evaluations and Treatments from Our Meriden Veterinarian

Our Meriden veterinarian, Dr. Jeff Van Petten, can help your senior pet enjoy a healthier transition into old age. We provide twice-yearly senior pet wellness examinations that allow us to check for age-related ailments using techniques such as blood tests, urinalysis, and thyroid testing. The earlier we can detect signs of diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, or organ disease, the more effectively we can get that condition under control. We also check your pet's weight to see whether he could benefit from fewer daily calories or other dietary restrictions.

If your pet suffers from an age-related health problem, you can count on Meriden Animal Hospital for skilled monitoring and treatment. For instance, we may prescribe a combination of exercise, weight loss, and anti-inflammatory medications for a pet suffering from osteoarthritis. If your pet has developed cognitive, vision, or mobility problems, we can recommend specific strategies to help him get around the house more easily and comfortably. We can also administer drugs, special diets, and other treatments to help your pet cope with a variety of internal medical challenges.

Schedule Senior Pet Care at Our Clinic

The right kind of veterinary care can help your elderly pet continue to enjoy a high quality of life, and you'll find that care at Meriden Animal Hospital. Call (785) 484-3358 today to learn more about your senior pet care services and schedule an evaluation!


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